• Analysis, cleaning, production data

  • Selection, creation, adjustment, optimization of mathematical models

  • Creating reports

Does your company create data? Then our team will help you analyze them.

We will analyze the quality of your data, offer the best method of storing, synchronizing imports and exports.

Next, we propose an optimal mathematical model for predicting or classifying this data.

Then choose the best IT tools that are best to use for your data. We usually use Python and its frameworks (Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Statsmodels, Plotly …) and Jupyter Notebook or Google Colab, but if you use R or Wolfram, we can also help.

We will also create reports for you to help you understand and see:

  • the quality of your data
  • how your data is classified
  • forecast according to your data
  • whether the model works correctly
  • results of using different models and algorithms
  • many beautiful graphs, charts and matrices 🙂
  • presentation of your data and results of work of model in 3D with interactive viewing
  • Сorporate sites
  • Business card site
  • Online stores
  • Android applications
  • iOS applications
  • accounting systems

Software development is a priority of our activity.

We develop sites of any complexity:

  • Using the main latest CMS (WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, Wix)
  • Based on the main modern PHP frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Aura)
  • Based on .NET
  • Old Style based on HTML + CSS

It can be a business card, a corporate website, or an analytical portal, or a news aggregator. We can also create a blog, a web solution using open data, a business support platform or a complex web solution with many integrations and various API connections, or an online store with basic payment systems connected to it. We will be able to design and implement a system that will best and most conveniently meet your business requirements and IT needs.

Development of mobile applications at the present stage is an extremely popular service. The number of mobile users on different platforms is growing every day. Today, the user requires a wide range of different software for office and business tasks. Also, a fairly large share of the software market belongs to gaming applications for devices based on iOS and Android platforms. We must recognize that new software products are an important link in the development of trade, production and other areas of human activity.

There are three types of mobile applications:

  • Web applications, sites. The most popular type of application. Modern mobile devices provide the Internet user with the same capabilities as desktop computers. This is due to the support of HTML 5. In addition, mobile applications are ideal for a quick start with small attachments and excellent functionality. Mobile sites are a solution for all platforms without exception.
  • Hybrid software. This is the ability to access all the functionality of mobile devices, and to create them using frameworks, HTML, Java, CSS. This is native software with integrated markup language. Such applications are a great solution for those who want to take full advantage of native applications in combination with the latest developments in web technologies. An example of hybrid software is Facebook, which is downloaded from a software store but requires an Internet connection.
  • Native software. The most resource-intensive type of application. At the same time, allows you to take advantage of all the features of the operating system. This is the most functional and productive type of mobile application.

Mobile applications are being developed for the following platforms:

Development of applications for Android. Android-based mobile devices account for 50 percent of all users. Creating applications for this platform is different from developing a site. In this case, attention is also paid to the interface – friendly and intuitive. In order not to lose the desire to use the application every day, it is important to develop prototypes and design of the program. Application development for Android requires from developers deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of effective user interaction with the application, the laws of design.

Development of applications for iOS. IOS is produced by the American company Apple. More than 30% of users choose IOS as a platform for their mobile devices. Quality software begins with a project architecture program. It is the ease of use of the product that is given special attention when developing iOS applications. Therefore, having decided on a business plan, move on to planning the architecture of the application, and then to the design of the mobile application interface. The created design layout is passed to the programmer who works on the conceived functionality.

The development of applications for smartphones is carried out in an integrated environment provided by each of the existing platforms and allows manufacturers to perform tasks of programming, testing and implementation.

  • Development of comprehensive IT software solutions to support, optimize or start a business
  • Create No-Code / Low-Code solutions for quick MVP creation and hypothesis testing
  • Selection and implementation of ready-made IT solutions to support or automate your business
  • Information security consulting
  • Creation and optimization of business processes
  • Remote IT specialist


Classic consulting

ITTel offers you a service of consulting in the field of information technology (IT consulting) for public and private institutions in Kiev. We can take over the IT service of your IT infrastructure completely, as IT service aims to organize and continuous technical support for the proper operation of equipment in the information structure of your company (consulting for IT, IT security consulting, IT consulting for selection, configuration and monitoring installed equipment, software engineering network).

Advantages of IT consulting

  • For any company, IT consulting will help solve the most important problem: the constant search for a qualified employee for IT. You will no longer spend time recruiting an IT specialist, will not teach today’s graduate of the IT department in real life and, thus, choosing consulting for the IT department from ITTel, you will be able to save money and avoid constant disruptions in the information structure. The main task of each IT consultant is to adjust the work of the company’s material and technical base in such a way as to make the most of all the capabilities of the network
  • Professional IT consulting in Kyiv will help you set up data exchange between the company’s employees, it will greatly facilitate the exchange of text and audiovisual information between departments
  • A knowledgeable specialist will set up IP-telephony for you, this will optimize mobile and long-distance telephone communication – IT consulting will help you significantly reduce the cost of telephone calls,
  • An audit of the current state of the network, and this is where the work with IT consulting begins, will help to clearly identify the disadvantages and advantages of your information structure. After a comprehensive IT audit, you can safely proceed to set up or replace licensed software, as even this seemingly insignificant change will significantly increase the efficiency of PCs and equipment of your network, and staff performance – IT consulting can improve performance and increase job satisfaction is almost doubled.

If all the benefits of IT consulting are successfully combined with the capabilities of your company’s IT department, as a result we will get a completely different, high-quality level of business processes and profits of the organization. IT consulting will help you automate standard work processes of employees and equipment, manage production quality, create a competitive and promising company.

Sign an agreement for IT consulting

In order to sign an agreement with ITTel for your company’s IT consulting, you must first order an IT audit of your information structure. Only a thorough IT audit of the company will help us to analyze business processes, develop an optimal campaign for the development and modernization of equipment and software. IT consulting does not mean “costly”, IT consulting is optimal, because IT consulting is an effective solution for small businesses and medium-sized companies, as well as for real market giants who do not want to waste time and effort on maintaining an entire department of IT professionals

The success of IT consulting will be noticeable in the first month of our joint work, because from the very first day our experienced IT consulting specialists will be able to help you significantly optimize your work and use your technical resources to the fullest.

Protection of commercial information is a priority in the field of IT consulting for ITTel

Certified and professional IT consultants will help you set up a secure exchange of information for Intranet and Extranet, in addition, with ITTel you will be able to eliminate the leakage of confidential information and prevent the disclosure of information by employees. Often, IT consulting helps to find a source of information and, consequently, the company’s money. After all, only a highly qualified IT specialist will be able to help you not to lose projects and profits due to negligence and desire to enrich the company’s employees.

IT consulting from ITTel is:

  • Automation of all business processes with maximum efficiency for the growth of the company
  • Support for active and passive network equipment, support for server equipment
  • Local network software settings, intranet settings, protection of the intranet from leakage of internal information and protection from external attacks
  • Settings and optimization of telephony, IP-telephony, PBX,
  • Modernization of IT department, engineering networks
  • Professional selection of IT staff for remote or permanent work in the company.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that by providing IT consulting services in Kyiv, our main goal is to increase the company’s profitability. After all, even the simplest optimization of equipment and software will confidently increase revenue and reduce costs. This has been tested by ITTel in practice.

  • Design of engineering networks
  • SCS
  • Video surveillance
  • Audio and visual information transmission systems
  • Power supply and lighting systems
  • Access control and security systems
  • Security alarm
  • Lightning and thunder protection

Proper installation of utilities in any building: in a large company or in a small apartment – is the main component for comfortable work and living of residents. Everything starts with the design of engineering networks: the future computer network, the design of the electrical network of the house, and the implementation of complex video surveillance systems or a full-featured audio and video data transmission system.

The design of engineering networks in Kyiv begins with the arrival of our specialists at the site. Only after a detailed analysis of the location and the building itself, we will offer you the optimal solution for utilities. In addition, in Kiev you will order not only the design and installation of utilities, we will be happy to help you choose and buy quality equipment for utilities in your office, company or private home.

Design of engineering networks for commercial premises, office premises, residential buildings:

  • design of engineering networks for lighting and power supply: projects of lighting systems, design of complex low-voltage networks (taking into account the deployment and configuration of the following communication systems – ATM, Internet, computer networks, etc.)
  • design of SCS and LAN networks for computer and telephone lines
  • design of engineering networks for the transmission of video and audio information for the purpose of protection and security of premises: from video surveillance systems for a private house and to multifunctional security and access control systems to a private territory or a protected enterprise,
  • design of tray systems (projects of tray cable routes)
  • design of engineering networks for earthing and lightning protection systems of buildings and premises
  • design of audio-visual systems (multiroom, video communication systems, systems for reproduction of audio and video information for shopping centers, entertainment establishments, modern conference communication systems, home cinema, etc.)

For new premises, office or housing, to design engineering networks is the easiest and best, because such networks will be built in accordance with the requirements of modern life and safety standards. But in ITTel you will also be able to order the reconstruction of existing engineering networks with the subsequent dismantling of old networks and installation of networks according to the new project.

Engineering design of networks is one of the most important works, yes, correct installation of engineering networks consists of several essential steps. First of all, we must be clearly aware of the purpose of the engineering network project: it will be built in a residential or office space, what functions will be performed by the utilities network, what will be the load on the utilities system, and so on. In addition, after calculating the load on the utility networks, you should think about the equipment and devices that will be installed in the utility networks of the house or office .

There is also no doubt that each engineering network project agreed with the Customer must also strictly comply with all safety standards, so all design decisions on engineering networks in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine are subject to mandatory approval by the relevant controlling organizations.

Installation of engineering networks

After approval of design documentation for engineering networks of the house in accordance with all technical standards and wishes of the Customer, we can continue to support the Customer’s project:

  • perform installation of engineering networks
  • install and configure the necessary equipment, run the necessary video surveillance systems, computer networks, ATM, install licensed software and program network equipment
  • to maintain engineering networks in working order, to carry out regular inspection and prevention of engineering systems

Order an engineering network project

In order to order engineering network projects  for any communications, in order to correctly assess the complexity of the engineering project and for the correct planning of engineering networks, we need to get acquainted in advance with the plan of the house where new engineering networks will be installed or replaced. Also, no less important will be your terms of reference for the engineering network, in which the Customer usually outlines all the necessary wishes for the project.

Documents for calculating the cost of design and installation of engineering network and should be sent to our e-mail address with the topic “Design of engineering networks – calculation of network installation.”