ITTel as an outsourcing company aimed to assist IT departments in everyday operational activity. We offer a reliable audit of IT infrastructure to reveal opportunities of your integrated informational systems and installed equipment.

ITTel offers IT Outsourсing services in Kyiv:

  • All systems will run only in accordance with essential business functions,
  • IT Software will work in strict interaction with business aims and requirements,
  • Experienced IT Security Services will help to defend commercial information from unauthorized access, disclosure or disruption,
  • Assistance in information systems modernization using up-to-date technologies for faster IT processes and better Customer service,
  • Instant IT Support on regular basis for remote management of IT processes, back-up of data and reliable monitoring of your datacenters, networks, servers, workstations etc.

ITTel is aimed to provide you with competent IT Risk Management to achieve sustainable IT processes within the Company and minimize threats and vulnerability of IT systems.